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Scrunchie Sewing Class in St Catharines Ontario

If the boring hair accessories in your wardrobe make you yawn, it’s time to switch it up! Would you like to inject some personality into your outfit but at the same time turn some heads while brimming with style? Our Scrunchie Sewing Class in St Catharines Ontario, are designed to give you the ability to create a charming scrunchie all by yourself. Let’s go together and through art take off for the world of dreams, joy, and freedom

Why Scrunchies?

The popular 80s and 90s accessory – scrunchies – have made a come back and became a trend of fashion in the last couple of years, enjoyed by people of all age groups. Along with functionality, these multi-purpose hair ties are also the spaces to display one’s creativity and tastes. From countless types of fabric, patterns, and styles scrunchies let you express your individuality which is rather a add-on to your outfit.

A handmade keepsake

Opening the door to the magic of thoughtful gift-giving by seamlessly creating custom scrunchies for your cherished ones. Consider the sincerity of gifting handmade gifts, the hard work and time put into creating them, as well as the uniqueness and personal touch they give to a present. In our Scrunchie Sewing Class in St Catharines Ontario learn how to make scrunchies for your friends and other dear ones that are specific to their person’s style, preferences, and character, so they become rare keepsakes.

We also offer Sewing Classes for Kids in St Catharines Ontario, so bring your kids and let them Be part of this experience where they would learn, how fulfilling it is to share love and joy of home-made gifts by sewing.

About Stitched Together

Stitched Together Studio, in Niagara Falls Ontario, teaches basic sewing skills to adults, teens and kids 8 years and over. Besides learning sewing skill, students also learn other skills such as problem-solving, patience and perseverance that comes along. Everyone has a great sense of pride and achievement when they complete a project.
At our studio we empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to discover their creativity and express themselves through the art of scrunchie making. We believe that sewing is more than just a practical skill; it’s a powerful form of self-expression, a means of connecting with others, and a source of joy and fulfillment.

Master the art of Scrunchie Sewing

The Scrunchie Sewing Class in St Catharines Ontario is designed for all age groups to enjoy. From beginners and advanced sewists pool, we also have Sewing Classes for Kids in St Catharines Ontario too. Whether you are a total beginner or you are looking for a topic to improve your sewing skills, our classes offer a course designed for anyone who will attend. Experienced instructors are the heads of our classes. We provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere where you can own your failures and succeed.

It is time to get going for the cutest scrunchie sewing. Make some unique, and trendy scrunchies by enrolling in our class. We also have a Sewing Classes for Kids in St Catharines Ontario as the scrunchie fever ages none.

Be it the creative outlet for your personal style or the unique gift ideas for your friends and family our classes to will be able to have the necessary abilities to bring to life your imagination. Don’t let this opportunity slip away to learn, create, and have joy with me! Get in touch today to grab a space and start the first step of your journey towards being a real scrunchie-maker maven!